Dress Code

Dress Code


Cureton Elementary School has established school uniforms for the convenience and pleasure of the parents and students. All students are expected to be in full uniform the first day of school. Good grooming is required, and each student must dress appropriately for school. Anything that interferes with learning or is disruptive to the educational process and is offensive to other students or staff is not allowed.

The uniform consists of:

  • The allowed colors of clothing are dark green, (no pea green or turquoise), khaki (tan), and white.  All clothing should display no pictures, writing, or stripes.

  • Shirts should be polo, turtlenecks or dress shirts.  A collar is preferred.  All shirts must be worn tucked into pants or skirts.

  • Pants must fit, not bag or sag.  Belts help!  Leather belts in black or brown are OK.  No web belts.  Pants may be short, to the knee or ankle.  Skirts or shorts may be worn, (4 inches above the knee), knee length or longer.  Socks must be white, green or khaki.

  • Shoes: athletic shoes, oxfords, or loafers are allowed.  No platforms, open toes, sandals, thongs, slippers or roller blade tennis shoes.  We are concerned about student safety.

  • Outerwear is a green/white sweater or sweatshirt.  No team logos or other colors. 

  • Cureton School academic shirts and sweatshirts in various colors may be worn any day of the week.

In compliance with Education Code 35183 and 35294.1, Cureton School has established a positive dress code, which by law, is not a protected form of free speech.