Parent/Student Handbook

PARENT PARTICIPATION HOURS:  All Cureton parents are asked to participate/support their children’s education through providing service to the school in the form of parent participation.  Alum Rock Board Policy asks for 30 hours of service to the school, of which 10 hours must be completed at school.   Here are the links to the 2020-2021 Parent Handbooks:  English, Spanish, Vietnamese.                                                                             


UNIFORMS AND GROOMING:  At Cureton Elementary School, good grooming is required, and each student must dress appropriately for school.  Anything that interferes with learning or is disruptive to the educational process and is offensive to other students or staff is not allowed.

Cureton Elementary School has established school uniforms for the convenience and pleasure of the parents and students.  All students are expected to be in full uniform the first day of school.

The uniform consists of:

·         Khaki pants, shorts, jumpers, or skirts. (Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be 4 inches above the knee. Also, all clothing should display no pictures, writing, or stripes.)

·         White or dark green polo shirts or turtleneck shirts (White or dark green button-up shirts and blouses with a collar are also acceptable. All shirts and blouses must be worn tucked into pants, shorts or skirts.)

·         Pants must fit, not bag or sag.  Belts help!  White, green, black, brown, tan, or grey belts are O.K.  No web belts.

·         Athletic shoes, oxfords, or loafers  (No platforms, open toes, sandals, flip-flops, slippers or roller blade tennis shoes that present a safety hazard and could result in injuries are permitted. We are concerned about student safety.)

·         White, dark green, black, brown, gray, tan, jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts with no team logos or other colors.

·         White, green, khaki, black caps with a brim (Caps are to be worn outside only with the brim facing forward. No bandanas, hairnets, or do-rags are allowed.)

·         Cureton School academic shirts, in various colors, may be worn any day of the week.

In compliance with Education Code 35183 and 35294.1, Cureton School has established a positive dress code, which by law, is not a protected form of free speech.

BREAKFAST/LUNCH PROGRAM:  Alum Rock Union Elementary School District and the Child Nutrition services department will be providing breakfast and lunch every morning and afternoon at “NO COST” to all district students.   Breakfast will be served from 7:55 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. and will begin on August 28th

Meal Prices:                            Breakfast:  No Cost                         Lunch: No Cost 

If you would like to provide a lunch from home, please make sure your child arrives with it in the morning.Calling classrooms to remind students to pick up lunches from the office interrupts instructional time.

BACKPACKS:  Guidelines include: school materials only, no toys, no writing on the outside except the student’s full name, and school colors (no red or blue colors). If you have a financial hardship, we can provide students with a backpack and a few school supplies. Please inquire in the front office.

CELL PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  Students are prohibited from visible display, use or turning on of any unauthorized electronic device or portable cellular phone during regular school hours or while being transported on the school bus. First offense, device will be confiscated and returned to a parent/guardian. Second offense, student loses all cell phone and unauthorized electronic device privileges for the remainder of the school year. Cureton will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged IPODS, IPADS, MP3 Players, cell phones, or any other electronic devices.


ATTENDANCE:  Please be sure to call the school at (408) 928-7354 if your child is ill on the first day of absence and then send a written note, including date of absence, reason for absence, and signature of parent/guardian.  If we do not hear from you after the first two hours of school, state law requires us to contact you. If you have no phone, we must call emergency numbers, your place of work, etc., in an attempt to make contact. Until contact is made, the cause of absence will be listed as “unexcused.” We will notify you in writing when your child has missed three or more days. Also, please arrange with your child’s teacher for make-up work. Medical and other appointments should not be made during school hours.  Vacations should not be scheduled while classes are in session.  Please do everything you can do as a parent to make sure your child is here on time every day. That shows your child how much you value their education.