School Site Council


What is it?

The School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making body that represents all stakeholders of the school community. ... Other personnel at the school, such as counselors, instructional aides and clerical staff can share insights on how the school can function to support student learning.

School Site Council

School Site Council is a very important team of people at a school. They help with planning and taking decisions regarding the school plan, school budget allocation, important decisions that impact the running of a school. This team is made of the Principal, Teachers, Classified Staff, and Parents. All members of the team except the Principal are elected for a period of 2 years. 


School Site Council meets on Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm on the following dates for the 22-23 year:

October 11, December 6, January 24, March 14, April 25 and May 23.

Title I Parental Involvement Policy:   English, Spanish

School Re-opening Plan:  English, Spanish

School Accountability Report Card:  English, Spanish